Silver Streak    



Lifeline: 1981 to 1983

Finishes: Chrome with Black anodised components

Serial number location (frame): inside of rear dropout starting 1, 2 or 3 and ending with baseball type symbol

Serial number location (forks): inside of dropout starting 1,2 or 3 and ending with baseball type symbol

Decals: Black razor on prismatic

Rear dropout: approx 1/8" (3mm)

Top tube length: approx 18.25"

Build Components

The spec below is based on what was standard but may also include changes throughout its lifecycle

  • Frame: 4130 Chromoly front triangle, mild steel rear section, 2.220kg (Koizumi)
  • Forks: Diamond Back Pro, chromoly, leading axle, 0.763kg (Koizumi)
  • Handlebars: Diamond Back Medium, superceded by Medium Oversize in late 1982/early 1983 (Koizumi)
  • Stem: Diamond Back (SR) 1981/2. Superceded in late 1982 to mid 1983 Stamped DIAMOND BACK and then just DB on stem (Sugino)
  • Grips: Foam over vinyl (early advertisement), Cobra to late 1981 and then (FUAN) F1 Style to late 1983
  • Headset: MX Type steel
  • Rims: 7x (20x1.75) Aluminium, Black (Araya)
  • Spokes: Chrome plated 36/.080 (Chrome plated)
  • Hubs: Large flange, Black (Suzue)
  • Tyres: Diamond Back 2.125 front / 1.75 rear (IRC), later Models in 1983 were Mitsuboshi Comp III 2.125 front / 1.75 rear
  • Calipers: 890, Black (Dia-Compe)
  • Levers: Pre-Bent 1981 to later 1982, Tech III 1983 (Dia-Compe)
  • Cable: Black (Dia-Compe)
  • Pedals: Diamond Back, Chrome steel cages and alloy bodies (SR MP134) to late 1983, then replaced with SR Custom M (Chrome plated in most cases)
  • Crank: 1pc CR-MO 175mm Takagi and then Sugino
  • Bottom Bracket: 24tpi (Tange)
  • Chainring: Aluminium 44T unbranded then (Sugino) but same style. Leary type late 1982 to late 1983
  • Spider: Unbranded Mild steel then replaced with (Sugino)
  • Freewheel: 16T (Suntour)
  • Chain: Diamond Back 1/8, black/silver (D.I.D) but very late model unbranded black/silver
  • Seat: Diamond Back Aero (Fuan) 'AERO' in Gold on the sides with prismatic 'Diamond Back' decal on rear
  • Seat Post: Fluted Black/Silver (STRONG)
  • Seat Post Clamp: Aluminium (SR), very dark grey sides (almost Black) with brushed alloy top