TK (Trimoly Kit)



Full bike

Finishes: Sizzling Red / Electric Blue / Dazzling White

Lifecycle: early 1980 to early 1981

Serial number location: inside of rear dropout starting 9,0 or 1 and ending with baseball type symbol 

Decals: Seat-tube (clear backing snake), headstock and downtube (prismatic snake). Tange decals applied to forks

Rear dropout: 1/8' (3mm) - Mild Steel

Top tube length: 19"

Build specification

The spec below is based on what was standard but may also include changes throughout its lifecycle

  • Frame: Tri-Moly with Hi-Tension Steel Rear Section (Koizumi), Weight: 2.55kg
  • Forks: TX-1200 (Tange)
  • Handlebars: Heavy Duty Steel MX w/6" Rise
  • Stem: MX Forged Steel
  • Grips: Vinyl (OGK MACH)
  • Headset: MX (Tange)
  • Rims: Reinforced Steel Chrome plated 20x1.75 (Araya)
  • Spokes: 105 guage
  • Hubs: Chrome Plated Steel (KT)
  • Tyres: MX Knobby 2.125 front, 1.75 rear, Black
  • Brakes: MX Coaster w/16T
  • Levers: N/A
  • Cable: N/A
  • Pedals: BM-5 w/Chromoly Axle (MKS)
  • Crank: Sugino 7" Forged Steel
  • Bottom Bracket: 24tpi (Tange)
  • Chainring: 44T, Snowflake Chrome plated (Sugino)
  • Spider: n/a&
  • Freewheel: N/A
  • Chain: MX (HKK)
  • Seat: Black Quilted, Racing
  • Seat Post: Chrome Plated, Steel
  • Seat Post Clamp: Chrome Plated, Steel

TK (framesets)



This frame design was also used for the works Pro-Star, though the later was advertised as a full Chromoly set (which is not the case). Only logical info as to what the TK refers to is 'Trimoly Kit'.

Available as either a 'Centurion' (A-Gussett) or 'Diamond' gussettHere you can see the two types of gussett available for the TK, these being the Diamond or Centurion, (both framesets were identical apart from this). Note the transparent 'background' decal for the seatpost tube and the Tange forks.