About OS-DBBMX.info

......firstly welcome to the site

The curtain finally falls

It's finally time to say goodbye to old school DIAMOND BACK BMX but in doing so I want to thank a small group of people who I consider my real friends

The late Sandy Finkelman (rosbmx.com) - the original Diamond back BMX site and ex Team Manager too

Ken (rosbmx.net) - One of the original guru's of OS-DB BMX

Ramon Meneses

Kurt Tuthill

Nathan Gray


So why another site

I guess OS-DB is tatooed in me somewhere and it's never really been out of my mind since leaving the scene, but during Covid I felt I needed something else to do and also get the information more public because I came across information or advice that was incorrect or people missadvised.

Information shared here is aimed at providing detailed information about all models of Diamond Back BMX during the period 1977 to 1984. The information collated spans mine and others from the early 2000's to 2016 including some that was never included on the original site OS-DB.net which I gave up some years ago and was subsequently closed b the new owner...although I retained all the information from my own literature.

The aim is to share mine and others investigation and knowledge so people can refer to a single reference area knowing it is accurate and from a solid source. That's not to say there won't be updated findings or corrected info, that's always a possibility but where possible, detail will be noted as logic if i've not received it from the horses mouth, so to speak.

I have where possible used images which I have sought permission of the original owner but if you happen to come across any that are yours and you'd like it removed, or maybe even a mention, then please do contact.

This site is not affliliated to anyone and will continue that way.

What's not included

Models from Centurion Bicycle Workshop, Diamond Backs sister company back in the late 70's and early 80's will not be referenced for the time-being (these include the Moto-1 and Pro-Star). Although I still retain many brochures and information for models beyond 1984, it is not my intention to expand this the model pages beyond the period.

  • Please use the contact page for information you would like added which you feel would be beneficial
  • I will not be replying to requests for...can you help me with this or that as there are many facebook groups that cater for those types of questions
  • If you see any typo's please do drop me a message, as with anything you feel is incorrt, all I ask is you provide info supporting your query
  • If you come across an area that is inaccessible, it's probably under construction or waiting upload
  • ...and lastly, please be courteous when contacing me....I'm more likely to give you info overload that way

Anything else.....

The site remains in its building stage which means there will be items missing, links that lead nowhere or areas not quite showing what they should but hopefully these should be remedied as time permits

....and what's coming

Corrections, amendments, clarity and clearer info that wasn't updated on my previous site. More indepth details about builds (e.g. fabrication timelines and decal types and measurements)...and much much more......but the main things tio expect over the coming months will be the following

Senior Pro leverage differences

Frame measuring


Advertisements,Brochures and Flyers

Ex-team rider interviews

Parts lists pictures and models associated to

Decal timelines for models

Model fabrication timelines

....and much much more

Change Log (last updated 2nd April 2022)

15th April 2022 - forum opened